December 23, 2011 at 11:49


The mission of  TruthInGold.com is to publish the most relevant gold and silver news from around the world, we aim to give a balanced view but remember:

  1. Do not invest in gold and silver, own them in place of Fiat Money
  2. Measure your savings in ounces of gold and silver rather than dollars and cents
  3. In gold and silver we can find the truth:
    • Politicians and bankers hate gold and silver and gold and silver backed currencies
    • They love Fiat Money that can be created in unlimited quantities out of thin air
    • Gold and silver are direct competitors of Fiat Money
    • Western governments have been supressing the price of gold and silver
  4. U.S. Government debt and deficit spending has crossed the point of no return
  5. The days of Fiat Money are numbered, the demise may occur in our lifetime
  6. Remember: Dollar Is Not Your Friend