Compare AFE, BullionVault, GoldMoney

October 26, 2011 at 10:52



Comparative summary of AFE, BullionVault & GoldMoney


Each has its unique set of features and strengths, all of which are not present in any single provider. It is prudent to spread your holdings across multiple service providers for more efficient management of your entire portfolio.

First column: Anglo Far East, Second: BullionVault, Third: GoldMoney

Bullion Products

Gold, Silver

Gold, Silver

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Bullion Account Type

Allocated Account

Allocated Account

Allocated Account

Vault Locations


Zurich, London, New York

Zurich, London, Hong Kong

Vault Operators

Via Mat International

Via Mat International

Via Mat International, G4S

Currencies Supported

USD, EUR, Special Instructions


Buy / Sell, Storage &
Other Fees

Highest Overall

Lowest Overall

Highest for Small Holdings

Reserved / Registered Bars

Automatic: Gold & silver

Manual: Gold & silver with fees

Manual: All metals except silver

Take Physical Delivery

Fees upon application

Discouraged. High fees

Easy & transparent (esp. gold)

Buy & Sell Mechanism

Slow and inconvenient

Excellent software, realtime

Simple, no advanced features
Open Account, Verification
and initial

Slow and inconvenient

Super easy & fast

Quite elaborate

Account Management

Slow and inconvenient

Efficient, but restrictive

Simple & convenient

Web Security




Web Traffic Rank (1=Best)

1,870,643 (9 Sep 2011)

19,901 (9 Sep 2011)

17,677 (9 Sep 2011)

Audited Gold Holding (oz)

Not Published

782,453 (8 Sep 2011)

578,642 (30 Jun 2011)

Audited Silver Holding (oz)

Not Published

6,807,824 (8 Sep 2011)

24,284,835 (30 Jun 2011)

Corporate & Governance

Most established

Transparent & responsible

Transparent & very reputable

Client Relations

Professional, Personal

Poor, too dependent on tech.

Professional, Excellent
Suitable for Savings, Long Term Holding Active Trading Most Users



Alexa Traffic Rank: GoldMoney Vs BullionVault

Web Traffic Rank: BullionVault Vs GoldMoney

By Alexa: as at 8 Sep 2011

This chart compares the popularity of and based on global web traffic to their respective sites. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.’s traffic is not presented because it’s ranking is too low (over 1 million).

The above data shows that GoldMoney’s popularity ranking has increased dramatically from about 100,000 to 10,000 over the past 12 months, and is now on par with BullionVault’s historically higher ranking.

Growth of Bullion Holdings: GoldMoney Vs BullionVault

(See notes on data source below)

Gold Holdings: BullionVault Vs GoldMoney

BullionVault’s gold holding has surpassed that of GoldMoney, which has been the leader until about about 2010

Silver Holdings: BullionVault Vs GoldMoney

BullionVault did not offer silver bullion until 2009, giving GoldMoney a commanding lead.

Notes on data source

  • GoldMoney publishes quarterly audit reports, and they are archived here
  • BullionVault publishes daily audit report here, but they do not maintain a public archive. Data for the charts above was obtained from WayBack Machine Internet Archive, which periodically scans the web and takes a snap shot of sites at that point in time. As the frequency of scanning is inconsistent, BullionVault’s plot has fewer data points and they are fitted into the closest quarterly audit dates of GoldMoney’s data points.
  • GoldMoney holds Palladium and Platinum as well, but they are not included in the charts as we do not consider them political metals, and they constitute only about 1% of their total metal holdings.
  • No comparisons can be made with AFE as they do not publish their audit report details. Only a certificate of audit is published and accessible after login.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided on a best-effort basis. It’s accuracy is not guaranteed, and may not reflect the most recent changes made by the service providers. Please perform your own due diligence and verify the information from their respective websites before making any decisions. The reviews are the personal opinion of the author and does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation.