Sells for $940,000 in All Cash Deal

September 19, 2013 at 12:58


It took green, not gold for PM Web Assets LLC to scoop up TheTexas-based company unloaded $940,000 in an all-cash transaction for the most coveted domain name in the precious metals industry. PM Web Assets has selected Minneapolis-based nFusions Solutions LLC to develop and manage the property.

“ is the crown jewel of domain names in the industry,” confided Joe Bell, President of nFusion Solutions. “There are millions of people around the world searching for the current gold price every day, and we publish it. But the physical market differs from the ‘paper’ market considerably, so when you add in the dealer price comparison technology we have contributed to the site, we are publishing information impossible to find anywhere else.” is a price comparison aggregator for top precious metals companies, allowing users to shop top deals by metal type, product type, quantity and weight across a broad selection of authorized dealers. The website already boasts some of the nation’s largest precious metals companies as clients, including: JM BullionMerit FinancialBlanchardProvident MetalsGoldSilver.comTexas Precious Metals, and SilverTowne, among others.

“Our precious metals dealers see us as an important partner. We are the Expedia of the precious metals market,” remarked Bell. “We’re excited about our plans to continue the expansion of more products, top dealers, relevant content, and more market data. It’s all coming. Buyers are becoming more sophisticated, and the information is vital to the experience. No other site can produce the data we publish, and no other domain offers the brand value of”