Thieves Request Shorter Sentences as Gold Prices Fall

June 20, 2013 at 10:12


Two convicted robbers caught stealing gold necklaces last year have appealed to the court to adjust their sentences in line with the fluctuations in international gold prices, according to Chinese media reports.

The two robbers, identified by their last names Zhou and Chang, argued that gold prices in October and December last year, when they committed their two home robberies, were around 430 yuan (US$70) per gram, with the stolen necklaces worth a total of 43,000 yuan (US$7,000). They claim that this valuation is unfair, however, as the necklaces were bought by the owners five years ago, when their value would have been only 20,000 yuan (US$3,300).

The two men said that the prices have since fallen, and the necklaces are now only worth 28,000 yuan (US$4,600), and this should be taken into account. Zhou was sentenced to a jail term of eight years and seven months, with Chang receiving a jail term of eight years.

A lawyer said that the value of stolen goods is calculated according to the price when the crime was committed, and the two criminals do not have any grounds to appeal as they both pleaded guilty during their trials.

Their appeal has been rejected by the authorities.