Why Hold Gold?

October 14, 2011 at 12:37


Simply stated, here’s why…

1 Year Gold10 Year Gold Over the years, gold priced in US$ has gone up:  

Because the value of Dollar has gone down

Because lots of new Dollars have been created by the Fed

Because it has to loan lots of money to the US government

Because the US has a big budget deficit AND foreign governments have stopped or reduced lending

Because they don’t trust the Dollar

Because they know the USD is doomed.

Because the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency (at least for now) and the US is the world’s largest economy. When the US$ goes down, there will be competitive devaluation of other national currencies. Unless your bank was giving you double digit interest rates, saving in fiat currencies actually yielded negative rate of returns compared to gold.Compared to stocks and other assets denominated in fiat currencies, the result is the same.

Because gold has been and still is the ultimate monetary metal & sound money. When its main competitors (fiat currencies) fall, gold shines. And finally…

Because even Central Banks no longer trust the dollar as a reserve currency. They have turned from net sellers of gold to net buyers. This is most significant because the main source of gold used in the gold price suppression scheme has been from the Central Banks.

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